The era of digital transformation is here to stay, whether due to the facilities it provides in the document management of the company, which incre


Like it or not, social networks are here to stay and should form an essential component of any communication strategy of any online busin


Waking up every morning with some uncertainty, perhaps frightened by the challenges that the day will bring us sometimes overwhelms and stresses. But knowing that each day will be special, unique and different not only for the job but for the experience you will experience is one of the greatest incentives that life can give you.


8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 11 months a year, for the next 35 or 40 years? If we calculate we spend more than half of our active life, around 70,400 hours working. Many times in monotonous positions and / or jobs that bore us, because in Prodigia everything is different ...


What would you think if we told you that we have pets in our office? Surely you would look at us with a strange face, and you would ask us: but what do you dedicate to your office? "Prodigia is an Online Marketing Agency".


Since January 2017, Google is penalizing websites that do not have an SSL security certificate.

What are the consequences of not having the SSL Certificate?


The electronic signature allows you to reduce times and eliminate unproductive trips.

What is the electronic signature?

El Equipo Crece

After the incorporation of Manolo, our best anti-stress psychologist (read here), we have two new additions. Covi & Carry.


After four months of intense work, Julio approached his expectant companions with a table with wheels in which there was another bucket covered by a cloth, similar to the one he showed a few months ago.



At 21:00, Atanasio waited in the restaurant promptly for the arrival of his team. He wore an Italian black suit and white shirt with tie, cufflinks and matching belt. These three compliments apple green.



It may be easy to think that as a startup, it is difficult to compete with those large multinationals that have a market, but today more than ever we are closer to changing that paradigm.

Angel Osuna prodigia saco psicólogo

Today and a couple of months ago that came into our lives, joined the team of Prodigia, "Manolo."

Imagen de Meal sharing o Social dining

Social dining or meal sharing consists of sharing a table with internet users looking for new experiences. This trend, promoted in France by platforms such as EatWith or VizEat, has many followers


On Monday morning, with the hangover of Valentine's Day and an apocalyptic wind whipping Malaga, a surprise in the form of sugar awaited us in the office: the boys of Prodigia had prepared a box filled with sweets, chocolates and a flower of jelly for each one of us. Some may think that after Valentine's Day, the issue could cause an overdose of sugar, but we, who like everything that is sweet and think that any occasion is good to eat, we loved the idea.


The Internet promotes and facilitates the so-called "collaborative economy", which is defined as the model by which two or more actors interact to share experiences or meet certain needs.

Reto Tesla y estaciones de carga gratuita

One of the problems that most worries drivers and city leaders is the pollution that vehicles cause in large cities

Qué es el Neuromarketing

To specify a definition, we would first have to refer to the term neuroscience, which is the science that studies the nervous system. Neuromarketing would be described as well, as neuroscience applied to marketing through the investigation of the human brain.



A few years ago, talking about Marketing consisted of talking about strategies in which the main objective was to increase sales no matter how, using mass advertising tools or "3x2" offers.


Our bit to learn Drupal in a fun way :) We offer our free and paid training + possible incorporation to the team.


In a classic way, companies seek their generation of ideas and / or creativities that launch them to success in monotonous places and oriented to the arduous task of work.

Gym de Prodigia

Today we are going to show you another of our healthy follies.

Monetizar Seguidores en Twitter

Do you know how to increase and monetize your followers on Twitter? If this doubt has assaulted you on more than one occasion, read on.

Ventajas Ecommerce

The online sale or Ecommerce today is the scenario where your company should be if it is dedicated to marketing products or services.


Twitter Analytics Tracking: From Keywords to People - 3 Levels of data analysis that will help you understand the global political trends.

infografia auditoria politicos andalucia twitter

Analyses show data from some accounts that appear to have false or suspicious followers. Who has the most influence? Are their followers real?

infografia politicos malaga twitter

Analyses show data from some accounts that appear to have false or suspicious followers. Who has the most influence? Are their followers real?


Coworking, a symbol of business model change


The business model as we know it is in constant evolution. The growing competitiveness or the increasing specialization of professionals are merely evidence of change.


Many of the users are accustomed to doing their searches in Google, although not all of us know the characteristics of this service, nor its many functions.


A few weeks ago we fulfilled a dream ...


We moved to a new office-villa in Málaga Este, pursuing an instinct: to enjoy what we do in a stimulating environment.


We contribute our vision to a consultation that is often carried out by entrepreneurs.


To increase the traffic (without paying) of search engines on a website, we can position the words for which the web is already indexed, or increase the number of words by which the website is indexed (Long Tail).


In this real case of our client @Hogarterapia, whom we thank again for authorizing us to publish confidential data of their strategy, we will see what the more than 1,000 Twitter visitors (14,000 followers) do when they access the corporate blog of this brand.


The following article is a real case of one of our clients @Hogarterapia, whom we thank for authorizing us to scrutinize their statistics and illustrate the strategy of their brand on Twitter.

Tips mision vision valores

Here are some mini TIPS to make it easier for you to write the famous "Mission, vision and values" of your website....


Half a century ago "la mili" was an instruction that we could consider practical, given the probability that a war would take place throughout the lives of the Spaniards. 


On Twitter we usually measure the entity, influence, or "success" of an account by its number of followers.

But is the size what counts? Or the quality?

Social Bro: Una herramienta de gran utilidad

Want to manage, explore and analyze your Twiiter community in the most complete?

Curso de Perfeccionamiento en Twitter en Málaga

Training eminently practical and based on real success stories on "Further on Twitter" by the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga from 1

Curso de Perfeccionamiento en Facebook en Málaga

Workshop based on real success stories on "Further on Facebook" by the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga from April 27 to May 5, 2012.


In Prodigia we ine for you, group creative Prodigia comes strong on twitter in a creative

Abrimos cuenta en Twitter

Open account in twitterr.

We can follow @prodigia_

Prodigia en Facebook

After developing several social media projects for our clients, we have finally created our web facebook.

Renovamos Web

Inaugurate the new site, after 6 months of hard work of programmaing the most  powerful.