What facilities does the use of the electronic signature contribute to us?

What facilities does the use of the electronic signature contribute to us?

The electronic signature allows you to reduce times and eliminate unproductive trips.

What is the electronic signature?


The electronic signature identifies the signer unequivocally, having the same validity as a traditional signature. In fact, laws such as the LOPD (Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data) and LSSICE (Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce) have been updated to protect the identity of users who opt for this method.

Thus, those who wish may sign any electronic document without having the obligation to do it manually, avoiding on many occasions having to go to the institutions with the displacement and waiting for this kind of paperwork.

One of the main doubts of users is that they do not know how far their validity extends.


What are the benefits of the electronic signature?

  • Reduction of the time for signing contracts of one week from half to minutes.

  • It helps to avoid both trips and queues to the people involved in the signature processes.

  • Save space and money, since signed documents can be archived digitally, without having to use paper.

  • Distance is no longer a problem, so any document will be signed by all parties, much more quickly, and more efficiently than if signed by hand

  • When they are archived in digital format, their subsequent location is also much easier and faster, thanks to the computer search tools

  • It is a safer technology than the handwritten signature, so supplanting an identity is much more complex

  • Tangible cost savings, avoiding shipments, or reducing the consumption of ink or paper


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