Today we are going to show you another of our healthy follies.

Gym Prodigia

The word "work" derives from the Latin tripalium, which was a tool similar to a yoke or trap with three sticks that was used initially to hold horses or oxen and thus be able to shoe them. It was also used as an instrument of torture to punish slaves or prisoners. Hence tripaliare means 'torture', 'torment', 'cause pain'.

Go word! that we use for the activity that occupies most of our life. No wonder he does not usually like to work. This we have to change it;)

We had already installed the Balinese bed and the hammock of 4 meters in our office-house, and we will still do more crazy things to make our working environment more stimulating (suggestions are welcome). We are thinking of a punching bag inside ofi :))

We just installed a gym in the office. We have ordered it online, from Germany, the United Kingdom, Amazon, eBay ... We had a great time receiving packages from Seur for 2 weeks (the full body cage with pulleys, the TRX, the Olympic bars and disks, banks ...) and mounting it, although we had to disassemble and reassemble something ...


In this approach to making the workplace a creative and stimulating environment, what we enjoy is to share, pine, see the world upside down, and question the established paradigms (such as the one in the workplace in this case). Playing sports with the compis unites more than just coming to work, and customers see a creative agency packaging. They say that we are "more pallá than pacá", but they have fun with the marketing strategies that we create with them and they usually work for them !!!

When we want to stretch our legs, we do some dominated looking at the sea and we throw ourselves into the pool. In the afternoon when we just do crazy things at work, we do full body at the gym. Mens sana in corpore sano. We invite some clients to bring their swimsuit and brainstorm in the pool with a beer or juice. This is how the best marketing ideas and strategies come about.


We leave you with this reflection: we spend more than half of our waking life working, if we do it only for money we are slaves of truth and we give meaning to the term Tripalium. All the efforts we make to make the work fun and less tedious will make us happier. And if you do not live longer, at least maximize the sum of the fun moments you take from this life.


Thanks for reading, you are invited to a bath and a juice when you want :)))

Angel Osuna



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