We make for you #pinoprodigia

We make for you #pinoprodigia

pino-prodigiaIn Prodigia we pine for you, the creative group of group of Prodigia comes strong on twitter in a creative way.

About a month ago, we began our journey throug twitter, trying to reach our fans in a way original. Also the publication of our thematic content:SEO,SEM,SMO, we created several welcome messages to our followrs, the one that most has certaily had success is:" Let´s do a handstand in the creative room to remember the time that has followed us ;) Thanks".

    Thanks to this dinamic and our efforts, we have achieved in just one month more than 1300 fans who have seen our creative soul.We hope to continue growgin with our current and future fans, while we get in shape every day ( have started down the hall doing a handstand:)


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