Welcome Suri

Welcome Suri

Waking up every morning with some uncertainty, perhaps frightened by the challenges that the day will bring us sometimes overwhelms and stresses. But knowing that each day will be special, unique and different not only for the job but for the experience you will experience is one of the greatest incentives that life can give you.


"Live and let live" to avoid that difficulties become problems, being only new challenges to face and overcome is part of our DNA. And that is how the last component of the team came to our office, the greatest representative of that way of Life, SURI (team members PRODIGIA).


Specialist in Google AdWords, and able to manage campaigns of all kinds which smooth grass to dig. Specialist in regenerating microstations, and with a rhetoric rich in nuances.


Although he has just arrived at the office, he has already begun to make friends with the other animal components of the team, thus initiating a small love and hate story with Mercadona, who when he can, whether he likes it or not, borrows his food to examine it. This includes entering your pot to scratch the bottom and destroy it.


Adorable as her alone, sometimes tiresome but necessary, she is our favorite meerkat. Welcome Suri.


08.15 - Suri, early in the morning, meditating on how hard it is to get up early. "Who was going to tell me that he would see me getting up early, with what I like to sleep in. Thankfully, with my planning of microsueñecitos today, the day will fly by," he says between yawning and yawning.

09.01 - Suri, working as the most, "Tiririiiii.tiriiiiii, tiriiiiii" hums the theme of summer while moving her tail.

10.12 - Suri al fresco, first stop in the morning, taking advantage of the sun's rays and the sea breeze.

10.37 - Discussing with colleagues, the news in AdWords, its pros and cons. Angry with the new interface in which they have moved everything from site, "It is rare the week that these damn do not change something, they are driving me crazy already !!", he says.

11.34 - Surí waiting for the arrival of the first customers of the day, you never know where the next one will come from.

12.45 - Suri again working, with the partner of Administration.

13.05 - We just caught her in her microsiesta of 2 minutes, to recover energy, number 13 of the day. "If I do not sleep a bit, I do not pay enough, how do you want me to be efficient, productive and original if I do not do little headbands," she says as she stretches.

14.12 - New customer insight, comes from the south with a new project in hand, "What you want to tell us, I love challenges," he says while rubbing his hands.

15.35 - I need to sleep a little, because then there is no one who can live.

16.12 - "Oooohhh, yeah, scratch in there, what do I like, how good is this milk?"

16.36 - "I'm going to cuddle up here for a while, to see what happens, how soft this body is."

16.37 - He can not resist the temptation ... Who would have thought that apart from his daily work, he has now three quarrels with Mercadona, he has stolen a partner's breakfast, he has gotten into someone else's lunch plate, he has become entangled with the big toe of the programmer, has gone over all the joints of the floor so that they were very clean and has broken a glass? It's a poor day today.

17.22 - Milk another customer in sight, "Equipooooo !!!! We have to give everything. What are we? Ua Ua ..."

18.03 - Suri exhausted after a long day.


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