A simile with the mili to reflect ...


Half a century ago, the "mili" was an instruction that we could consider practical, given the likelihood of a war occurring throughout the life of the Spaniards. We were required to "learn to hit shots", so that if we ever saw ourselves in need of defending ourselves and our families, we remembered that instruction and we knew how to take up the weapons with which we once became familiar.

The current crisis has led us to a panorama of long-term unemployment. Faced with this reality, most of the society that suffers it, expects companies or governments to solve their situation, and this we see in the queues of the INEM and unemployment figures. But unfortunately, both companies and the State seem not to have that power in their hands.

The military ceased to be mandatory by reducing the likelihood of an armed conflict. Today wars, besides being less likely in Spain, are more technological, not being the brute force of soldiers the main component. However, economic crises are cyclical and we are certain that throughout life, a Spanish citizen will suffer the consequences of several. Thinking about the meaning of the military 50 years ago, we could reflect on whether our education system should include a "mili of self-employment", so that all Spaniards learn to "hit shots" in the field of entrepreneurship.


Does our educational system teach us to "find the beans"?

Do we know how to generate our own employment? Are we emotionally prepared for a situation in which nobody can help us in this regard?


When a war took place and invaded our environment, the citizens who had done the military, instinctively remembered their instruction and had a minimum of familiarization with a war situation in an emergency of having to defend their family, since at least they knew that they could hit shots, because they had done it before.


Should we train our educational system to "hit shots" in the field of entrepreneurship?


What could we do? teach each person how to sell the value he brings to society.


When our students leave the university they lack entrepreneurial restlessness. The inbreeding of our educational system (most teachers do not have professional contact outside the university) does not train them in that sense.

What if the final project was to create a company? In this way, each student would learn the steps to follow to create it and would face (without the emergence of a crisis) a learning process to "hit shots".


Any student completing a university education or training cycle, it would be useful to have a tutored mentoring to help you create a company to sell the value you bring to society, your services, directly to other B2B companies or B2C end customer. Which ultimately is what a company does when it contracts, adding a commercial margin.

After this "training", after a period of approximately one year, you would have 2 options: continue with the company if it is profitable or you think it can be profitable, or close it. In both cases you should defend your project justifying what you learned. Both what have been the key aspects that have made your company work, and what have been the errors produced that have led to close it, and what have you learned from them. In any of the 2 scenarios, you would have acquired a valuable experience, a Socratic learning that would enable you in the professional field to have a panoramic perspective of the business world. In addition, those companies that would continue to contribute to increase the business fabric and employment.


But above all, he would have learned to "hit shots" and would have in mind the concept of creating value, putting a price on it, and finding a market to sell it to.

When he glimpsed the possibility of a "war" (economic crisis), he would already be thinking about what it was like to shoot, preparing mentally and planning his strategy. We would have a more self-sufficient society in this aspect, and it seems more useful to teach how to use a fishing rod, than to give fish cubes (the "unemployment" payment).


This particular reflection does not intend to criticize the current educational system, nor impose any criterion at all, but modestly contribute a grain of sand, reflecting on alternatives that help us to avoid situations like the current one, of which unfortunately we probably face several throughout of our life. Think, that is free, and contribute to our concerns, it may help us to elucidate among all some output or improvement.

It will be a pleasure to share other points of view and reflections.



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