Chapter 1: The Apple Test

Chapter 2: The limits of the imagination.

Chapter 3: Nano 3D printing.

Chapter 4: The puzzle of matter.

Chapter 5: The new currency.

Chapter 6: Nano cloning of organs.

Chapter 7: Ethics and nanotechnology.


CHAPTER 3: Nano 3D printing


At 21:00, Atanasio waited in the restaurant promptly for the arrival of his team. He wore an Italian black suit and white shirt with tie, cufflinks and matching belt. These three compliments apple green.

The first to arrive was Susana. She wore a long dress, dark red, cinched at the waist and ivory-colored heels. The hair, gathered in a bun, allowed to wear earrings and matching choker, with angular shapes and equally in ivory.

He went to Atanasio expecting a look of acceptance to his impeccable look. Atanasio raised his eyebrows, smiled surprised. That little laboratory mouse looked like a spectacular woman now.

"The most punctual of all," Atanasio said as he gave her two kisses and added, "You're gorgeous, you're going to have your compis distracted tonight.

Susana responded equally to his greeting and told him. -You are also very handsome, boss. Let's see when you introduce us to a girlfriend, that we do not believe that a single bachelor like you is alone. "

-Thanks for the compliment Susana -said Atanasio with sympathy but at the same time with a somewhat dry gesture to put distance to his privacy not giving rise to introspections down that road. He was very discreet about his privacy and was aloof from that type of comment.

"Well," interrupted Fernando, "I see that I have not fallen short by putting on a suit. Is this the same Susana this morning? You are lavish. This beauty and elegance deserves to be immortalized. Boss, do you mind taking a picture of us?

-Loved to portray two of my collaborators on a special night.

Together Luis and Julio approached. Susana to see them said. -Today you are all to break, go handsome and elegant compis.

Luis answered. -Not every day I celebrate that we are going to change the world, besides you do come spectacular.

Luis wore a navy blue suit with a plain red tie, on a light blue shirt with white stripes. The jacket fit perfectly on his shoulders and waist, and the rest seemed tailor-made for his carved gym body.

"You can take pictures," Julio said. It is the first time that I use American in a dinner, and only because Susana insisted on the label.

"Thank you beautiful," added Susana winking at the end, "you're great." You'll see how tonight leagues.

You heard the typical whistling when you piropear. All turned their eyes after the sound that had issued Fernando, and there appeared as a goddess Mary, advancing each foot on the other in the same line with a sensual game of hips. His hairstyle attracted attention, a high braid that reached up to his back. The makeup highlighted his eyes. Her black chiffon dress, with a generous neckline, left her shoulders exposed. A wide belt fitted the dress around her waist. As a complement he wore black gloves that covered his elbows. Black boots with stiletto to the knees. On the neck was a discreet dark yellow pendant that gave it a certain elegance to match hoop earrings of the same color. She continued until the feet the black dress with a long opening to the side. The leg that was discovered unveiled left a bright half bone with a small garter belt, which was curiously a thin line of brown leather from which lit a small pendant with several rings similar to the engagement.

Julio was the first to give two kisses and add in a sarcastic tone. -You have left your riding behind.

Maria replied that she would not bet on that with a wink without a smile.

Susana told him. -Don't listen to them, you are imposing as well as elegant.

Fernando kissed her jokingly. -You remind me of the mother of the monster family, but much prettier.

Luis kissed her too after telling her. -Congratulations, you do not stop surprising me.

Julio added. - Then you explain those rings hanging from your thigh what they mean.

Maria replied, handling the pauses with precision. -Don't want to know so much Julio. There are feminine mysteries that should not be revealed except with the right people. At the end of the sentence he turned his gaze to Athanasius.

Athanasius in that instant was the last to kiss her and then added. -It was clear that the world was not going to change ordinary people. That's what I like, to see you stomping and with leader wood. Now we all go inside, we have a reserved table and I hope we enjoy dinner.

Maria expected some extra attention from Athanasius. I wanted to get your attention. She was used to captivating all men, and Athanasius seemed immune to her charms.


-Mr. we have reserved the private room with mountain views, I hope you enjoy the evening.

-Thanks Sebastian, -said Atanasio.

They went to a room with glass walls, which showed that the restaurant was on the edge of a cliff. On the other side, the whole city was visible. This room came out of the wall and left a third of the room outdoors on a thick methacrylate floor. They were literally dining in a transparent cube that jutted out of a building and rock was visible on the sides.

Athanasius presided over the table. Maria sat across from him at the other end of the table, dominating the space with her companions.

Fernando, chivalrous, removed a chair from the table and offered it to Susana. - Do you like to sit next to me beautiful lady ?.

-Of course, handsome prince. Susana answered with a flattering smile.

A pleasant dinner began with an exultant team for the success achieved and the expectations to come.

During the dinner Luis intervened making a contribution to the project. -Do you know 3D printers?

Fernando answered. -Yes, they "print" 3D objects through a plastic polymer, which is heated and when melting it is superimposed by thin layers of it on a matrix or template. It is a process in which an object is built from its information (software), but usually using the same polymer, which can change color. It is not built at the level of atoms but with particles of this hot polymer, of a much larger size, like small droplets.

"Exactly," replied Luis. The question that I want to raise is the following. What if instead of making complex objects that involve many elements of the periodic table, such as the apple, we start with an object that only uses a periodic table element ?. We would simplify the process by using a single "ingredient," that is, a single type of atom. 3D printers work more or less like this, at the moment they are simple and create objects of a single material, although not at the level of atoms.

Maria intervened. - and what use are the objects created with 3D printers?

Luis answered him. -In the beginning mainly to create decorative objects. But every day they expand their usefulness.

Susana added. -There are some chefs who are using them to create author's food. They design the object with material that is edible, and the diners literally eat their works of art. It's a kind of creative cuisine, and in desserts they do really original things.

Athanasius took part in the conversation. -I like the approach that Luis has proposed. In fact I have a good friend, Felix, a customer of Prodigia, the first company I created; who uses a 3D printer to create the templates with which he makes handmade mosaics; those slabs of old houses that were handmade by hand. Before a blacksmith made the templates, and now creates them in plastic with a 3D printer. This technology, although it started with decorative items, is gradually being introduced in new applications.

Fernando entered the conversation. -In fact, in the construction sector even a rough 3D printer has been created to make a house.

-Luis have you thought about which element of the periodic table would be optimal to begin with? Asked Athanasius.

-I think Carbon would be the candidate. It is an element that is in abundance so it is easy to get and economical. They have a low atomic number, 6, that is, have only 6 protons. It is the most used and investigated in nanotechnology, through graphene. And if one day we can master it, we can make diamonds, which are 100% carbon. The diamond has an extraordinary hardness and is very valuable both for its properties as material, as for its beauty in jewelry. It would allow us an important source of funding.

-I see that you have it well thought-out, it seems perfect to me Luis - Athanasius answered.

Susana exclaimed excitedly. - I'm asking for the first diamond!

Maria intervened again. -But boss, then the world of 3D printers, which is incipient, will be obsolete cannibalized by another technology that will improve it, our nanotechnology. Many companies will have made large investments in the development of 3D printers.

Julio added. -This technology had a lot of travel ahead, however his life will be truncated even before its takeoff. This cannibalism of technologies and a trepidante jump and increase of science is a prelude to the singularity that is to come.

-By the way, Julio, what is that about the singularity you mentioned? Maria asked.

Fernando answered him. -It occurs as advances in technology are happening at an increasingly rapid pace, and there comes a point at which it is impossible to predict what will happen in a year, in a month, even in a day. Science advances in exponential and our brain is accustomed to thinking linear. That means that at a certain moment, which will happen in this century, technological changes will be so exciting that we can not foresee in the short term how they will impact our lives.

"Very well explained Fernando," Atanasio said. Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and robotics are the four pillars that push the advent of uniqueness according to my modest opinion. And of all of them, artificial intelligence will be the main catalyst. In addition, this may seem distant, has already begun and in a few decades will become a reality.

Luis added the following. -I think that we are going to put an important grain of sand towards the singularity. It is fascinating to work on this project and with a team like you I have the impression that we are going to change the world. And speaking of singularity, there are so many applications of what we are thinking, that I do not get to glimpse all the possibilities that will facilitate us. I propose a toast to finish this endearing dinner.

Atanasio thanked Luis's words and raised his glass of champagne. -Thanks Luis. I want to thank you for joining me in this fascinating adventure with the enthusiasm that characterizes you. You are a team with overwhelming talent. I have always thought that I should surround myself with people who are more intelligent than me, and that my role is to have the capacity to motivate and lead them. You make me feel proud not only of having taken the baton to change the world, but of doing it with a team of brilliant people that every day I am getting affection and affection. I'm going to stop here because I'm getting a lump in my throat; I get a little silly in these situations. Congratulations and thank you all.

The team in unison applauded Athanasius and toasted. -By the best boss, -said Susana.

"And the craziest, too," added Fernando.

Maria added. -You have a brutal capacity to motivate, Athanasius. For you and your strength.

Luis wanted to give his thanks. - I must thank you all also and especially you Atanasio, I feel part of something transcendental. I think we will make history.

Susana wearing her nice smile said. -Julio, you're only there. We wait for the words of the team's genius.

-I think it's almost all said. It motivates me to break the rules of the game; cannibalize 3D printers; and to print to the world inertia that destroys many paradigms, makes it less monotonous and more fun. I think we have just started and I suspect that we are not going to leave anyone indifferent, which for me is an excellent incentive. I also want to thank you for something; I am perhaps the coldest and least expressive of the team, but I do not perceive the affection with which everyone treats me and in some way, unusual in me, I am taking affection. I think that in that facet of emotions you are making me grow a little bit.

Susana got up and gave him two kisses and a hug told her. -If it is to eat it. I already knew that under that ice floe and intelligence there was a little heart.

Julio blushed as he thanked Susana and accepted that expressive hug in front of his companions.


Later, they moved to a terrace-disco on the top floor of the restaurant. The views were beautiful, you could see the whole city from the height. There was a DJ playing music and about 150 people danced and enjoyed the night.

Atanasio also danced with the group. He had taken two glasses of wine and one of champagne, and he felt eager to celebrate with his team the challenge he was handling. At the same time, he did not want to lose his paternalistic and formal figure. Maria approached him and brought him a colorful cocktail. -Jefe this is for you.

Atanasio asked what it was, and Maria only said. -Try it and guess it. I've asked for it special for you - at the same time he approached his glass toasting and said -. For the most enigmatic leader I've ever met.

Athanasius smiled and took a sip of the drink. He had a mixture of white drinks, with cinnamon ... He thought, "Cinnamon is attributed to aphrodisiac properties, is that why he has asked for it special for me?"

Susana moved with sympathy and rhythm and the boys danced with her as well as with Maria. Athanasius moved his hips timidly at the beginning and later with a cadence and more harmonious movements to the beat of the music.

The melody of a song began as Maria walked back from the DJ booth with a firm step towards Atanasio. Taking his hands and looking into his eyes he said. -Jefe, this song is called indecent proposal. I suspect that that hip also knows how to dance a bachata; let's see if you dance as well as at work.

Athanasius accepted Maria's proposal, at the same time thinking about the title he had chosen, along with Maria's emphasis on the name. He knew that both he and Maria had had a few drinks and that the situation of jubilation and celebration along with the attractiveness of Maria should not lead to anything more than a dance without any additional connotation.

The rest of the group fixed their attention on the couple observing how they started the dance, and with a certain curiosity to the answer of Atanasio, because they were not unaware of the apparent interest of Maria for their leader.

Atanasio began the dance to the beat of the music while telling María. -I have not danced bachata for some time, but I will try to remember some steps.

He started the dance with some separation from Maria swinging their bodies by the hands.

After a few basic steps, Maria told him. -Atanasio, you know that this separate dance does not look, right ?.

Atanasio replied. -I am aware of Maria -as she was turning Maria to turn her towards him, to put her hand behind her shoulder and to bring her closer to him, staying in a very close dance.

Now they were dancing with their cheeks very close, noticing Atanasio the breath of Mary on his neck, his hips and thighs were to the beat guided by Athanasius, and Maria's chest was in contact with that of his dance partner. Maria knew how to let herself go and kept the right tension in her arms, being guided perfectly by the left arm of Atanasio and her right hand and forearm that directed Maria's back and shoulder. With his right leg between Maria's and his hip, Atanasio marked the rhythm of each beat.

"Well, boss, how quiet you had this ability," whispered Maria in the ear of Athanasius.

Atanasio enjoyed the dance and felt the contact of Maria, an attractive woman whom he did not want to see with other eyes than a co-worker. However, her penetrating perfume, her hands subtly tightening Atanasio's, her hips and thighs touching with some pressure, together with their breasts in contact, propitiated a very sensual climate. Atanasio put an end to this situation in which the two danced as one body in perfect harmony, initiating a figure in which he turned Maria several times and returned to the dance slightly separated. Several other figures followed each other until the music ended. The group, with gestures of joy, clapped the dancing couple.

Susana at the end said smiling. -Jefe, the next bachata touches you with me.

Athanasius did not want to stay too long or drink any more. He did not want to lose his composure, maintaining his image as a formal boss, so he said goodbye to the group and encouraged them to continue enjoying the party.

Maria was tempted to propose to Athanasius that he leave her at home, but accustomed to men coming to her, and convinced that the undaunted Athanasius would decline any proposal to have a drink in his house, he decided that by that night there was already Given enough samples of interest and preferred to stay and dance with the rest of classmates. As a woman, I felt the impetus to tie him down and give him the punishment he deserved.

There were six months in which the team continued its progress. Julio and Luis collaborating together had advanced greatly. Luis was very motivated working with Julio, because this boy was brilliant and Luis was also brilliant, he loved meeting someone who exceeded his expectations.

They were all gathered in the laboratory. Susana was next to a table on which there was a black cloth that covered a kind of cube. On each side were Julio and Luis respectively. Athanasius and the rest of the team were sitting on stools in front of them.

Susana started. -Compis, I have the pleasure to introduce you the first nanotechnology 3D printer. My two Da Vincis, Julio and Luis have done an incredible job.

Susana lifting the black cloth, showed little by little a contraption in the form of a hollow cube. It had a base and edges of the same dark matt material. The side walls of the cube were hollow, and on the upper side there were guides like a small crane, from which hung a robot arm with a sharp tip.

-I'm introducing Todolohago, our first 3D printer.

The team laughed at the funny name.

-Luis, explain how it works.

-Well, we have deepened researched and improved the processes to build Todolohago. Almost everything is manufactured in Carbon, since it can generate its own pieces to build a replica of itself. The robot arm that hangs from the guides is the atomic microscope that unites the atoms. It takes every atom of the device that is on one of the sides of the base. There is pure carbon, in independent atoms. Take each atom and place it in the structure according to the object that is loaded by software. Apply energy to build the atomic bonds and create the object.

"Wow," said Fernando. Amazing. How long does it take to create an object?

-Well, right now it's quite slow, because Todolohago has an atom-by-atom working model through the arm with the atomic microscope. After having optimized what we could the process, put each atom in something less than a second, so it takes a week to create an object of 600,000 atoms, which is something like invisible yet.

-But then it would take an eternity to make something tangible. It suffers a lot its usefulness, right? Maria interjected.

"That's Maria," Susana answered. Although Todolohago is not useful for making objects of visible size, I wanted to present it to you because it will be the father and origin of the next generation: "Bichitos"

-We realized that working at the atomic level with a single microscope was not viable because speed is needed. So we thought about using Todolohago to make nanorobots that could in turn make bigger objects.

Maria intervened. "You mean you're going to make tiny masons that build bigger objects?

"Exactly Maria," Susana answered. Bichitos will be a printer that will have nanorobots that will make each object in parallel.

- How many nanorobots will he have? Fernando asked.

"There comes the best," said Susana. Depending on the number of atoms needed and the algorithm that Luis is programming, Bichitos will determine how many nanorobots it would be optimal to create to minimize manufacturing time.

- Every little bug or nanorobot can make any object built with atoms, even more bugs. In this way, in the first phase each nanorobot will replicate itself, and thus exponentially thousands or millions of nanorobots will be produced. From that moment, among all and perfectly coordinated, they will build the object.

-Uff, this sounds like a science fiction movie -added Maria-. Have you arrived here in only 6 months?

"You can not imagine the ingenuity and ability Julio and Luis have when they work together," Susana answered.

-Children give cane to that fantastic gray matter you have. I'm excited to meet Bichitos, "said María excitedly.

Each member of the team returned to their particular task eager to spend a few months to be surprised with the unimaginable possibilities of this fascinating machine to which they had given a nice name, "Bichitos".



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