It was a Digital Transformation

It was a Digital Transformation

The era of digital transformation is here to stay, whether due to the facilities it provides in the document management of the company, which increases exponentially year after year, as well as the cost savings it always entails.

For several years now they have been able to carry out paperwork, both with clients and with administrations via telematics, reducing the time for signing contracts of one week from half to minutes. These procedures avoid displacements and queues to the people involved in the signature processes; In addition, they save space and money, since the signed documents can be digitally archived, without having to use paper. On the other hand, distance is no longer a problem, so any document will be signed by all parties, much more quickly, and more efficiently than if signed by hand. When they are archived in digital format, their subsequent location is also much easier and faster, thanks to the computer search tools. Finally this technology provides greater security than the handwritten signature, so supplanting an identity is much more complex. To expand more information about the digital signature, access our post about the facilities provided by the use of the electronic signature.

All this change has been taken gradually by the different entities involved, a fact that still requires us to maintain certain physical documentation in the company. That is why filing cabinets, file boxes, hanging folders and adhesive labels, are still elements of the day to day in the company, as they provide this control over the existing document management in the company while the total digitization of the company is made. There will always be physical documents that must be sorted and saved for later management in the company, that is why there will always be that idea of ​​when digital was unthinkable.




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