The importance of a social media plan

The importance of a social media plan

Like it or not, social networks are here to stay and should form an essential component of any communication strategy of any online business. Despite the apparent simplicity and accessibility of most social media channels, using them intelligently and effectively can provide excellent opportunities to connect with many new and interested parties and supporters for our product or service. However, social networks can also bring challenges and, like any communication tool, its use requires careful planning.

Thus, when they are integrated into communication campaigns and activities, social networks can encourage participation, conversation and community, all of which can help disseminate key messages, influence decision making and promote behavioral change. Social networks also help reach people when, where and how it is convenient for them, which improves the availability of content and can influence satisfaction and trust in delivered messages.

Taking into account the above, all businesses with an online presence are obliged to have a presence in social networks, and therefore must always be managed under the premises defined in a social media plan developed previously that allows us to define and manage the strategy of communication in social networks.

For the correct definition of our Social Media plan we recommend following the steps defined in the following post, 8 Simple steps to define a Social Media Plan, and follow the following structure for its full development.

  1. Objectives of the Social Media Plan.

  2. Target

  3. Benchmarking

  4. Influence.

  5. Community Manager style manual.

  6. Expertise (what we are talking about)

  7. Editorial line for a possible blog.

  8. Content Curation.

  9. Online Reputation Diagnostics.

    1. Digital image of the current brand.

    2. Monitoring

    3. Contingency plan.

  10. Social networks

    1. Facebook.

    2. Twitter

    3. LinkedIn

    4. Youtube.

    5. Google +

  11. Social network management tools

Exposed the above, and not for that, we must forget that before we can start the development of our Social Media Plan, we must also have both a brand image and a web portal with presence and in line with the image we want to convey. We must bear in mind that this will be the basis on which we will build our figure in social networks. A well-designed website, such as showing innovation and design, as well as a correct usability and powerful user experience, will form the basis of our foundations if we want to convey the feeling of a solid brand. Therefore a logo (graphic sign that identifies a company, a commercial product, a project, or in general, any public or private entity), naming (creative process by which the name of a brand is created, is a task complex and determinant for the success or failure of the brand) and Slogan (short phrase, expressive and easy to remember, used in commercial advertising, political propaganda). For this we recommend that you contact a web design agency that knows how to contribute this differential value, and launch your business within the network.


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