In a classic way, companies seek their generation of ideas and / or creativities that launch them to success in monotonous places and oriented to the arduous task of work. But for a few seconds let's analyze what our objective is, and look for the best way to achieve it. To do this, we must deconstruct ourselves to rebuild ourselves firmly, without losing sight of our goal.

The human brain is an extremely complex machine, but at the same time simple at its base. That same has captivated, captive and captivated society for many years. As the basis of our being, the brain helps us in the creation and generation of ideas. But ... How do ideas arise? ... According to a study carried out by ideacamions.com , only 3% of good ideas happen while we work. This is because we do not really have a single brain, but two, one being in charge of doing our work, and the other of generating creative ideas.

While our left side of the brain is capable of convergent, abstract, analytical and objective thinking; the right side is better prepared for divergent thinking, intuition, and imagination, concentrating on the All of things. This is why our right side produces more flexible and fun ideas. Thus, they are always associated with the use of this side of the brain to artists, musicians, inventors and entrepreneurs, since they use this type of thinking.

Therefore, in workplaces our own inertia leads to the use of the brain inappropriate for creativity. This in itself is not as harmful as we might think a priori, although it is usually unproductive if our intention is to encourage the generation of ideas. Keep in mind that our creative side is always "shy", and that it may not arise if you are not invited to leave. To get it out you simply have to propitiate the conditions so that you lose your shyness.

Going for a walk or a walk, exercising while listening to music, visualizing the solution to the problem or even drawing it, looking for laughs to forget the linearity of the routine, are small actions that encourage good ideas to arise.

At Prodigia we know our timid right side and whenever we can we invite you to leave. We believe that we can contribute more to our customers, because in a certain way, this is part of our added value. That is why we carry out our brainstorming in the best possible place so that ideas flow, mature and grow.

Today we are meeting with Álvaro, client and friend in our office chalet. He told us his business idea and little by little we matured it. It was a great experience, to see how an idea grows little by little with a conversation in which we all contribute without fear, because that is the essence of a good storm of ideas, to contribute without fears, to be an extroverted madman. Between laughs and experiences, the three of us were discarding crazy ideas that were not feasible to tie down feasible ends. Who would you say you can enjoy working? That being innovative could be so rewarding?

We continue working and enjoying these moments, learning and trying to improve the experience we bring, being different makes you unique.

To finish, I'll return to launch the question that opened this post Where would you have your best idea? We and our clients have it clear, so we encourage you to live this experience. Meanwhile ... we will continue to suffer in our work; o)

I forgot, thanks Álvaro for making us share in your dream. It is experiences like this that stimulate us, "We will break our backs for this project and you know it";


Héctor Franco - Operations Director



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