Design of online stores with PrestaShop

For the creation of virtual stores which don’t require excessive custom programming, PrestaShop is a compact solution that is easy to mange. With the right modules it combines good to SEO positioning in search engines.

In the creation or improvement of e-Commerces designed in PrestaShop, we bring our experience together with this technologie. This allows us to attribute in projects, such as sizes or colors, bundling of products and many more. These features we will briefing to your company and see together which one suits the best to your project.

PrestaShop allows the integration of web analytics modules to measure the ROI of a project. This determines through metrics the factors to be improved, obtaining and experienced in the management of the online store that aimed at improving the user experience and usability of e-Commerce. These are key factors o the project and transfers the conversion into sales. As an e-Commerce consultant this is one of the differential values of our team.

You can consult some of our e-Commerce projects in the projects that are shown below in the footer of this page.