Online marketing

Online Advertising

Online Advertising can be easily measured by adopting the appropriate metrics, which allows to monitoring it and increases the most profitable options, suppressing or reducing the least efficient ones, adapting them to seasonality. OUr team of advertisers is specialized in marketing funnel optimization. We will be responsible for defining the strategies and creating the integral control panel on which CRO will be applied.

Dashboard (Ads Balanced Scorecard)

To optimize your online advertising campaigns, we will create an advertising control panel where all the online marketing campaigns are managed by Prodigia in order to optimize the ROI. This is been done by weighing the investment in those most profitable campaigns and once its target is reached, deriving the rest of the investment in those that follow in profitability.

Among the possible campaigns, there are alternatives such as: Adwords, Advertising on Facebook and other social networks, banner campaigns on vertical portals, campaigns on affiliate networks by CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per acquisition).