Growth Hacking

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The adaption of the new tendencies, as well as the creativity and innovation along with the continuous training, will show the service lines of Prodigia. This is why we offer our clients Growth Hacking services to grow their online business.

What is Growth Hacking? It is the set of actions, tactics or strategies who purpose the exponential growth of users by suing the minimum possible resources. It applies to social networks, apps, sites that require users to achieve their goals (transactions in e-Commerce, reading posts in blogs)

What kind of clients is this service aimed at? It is ideal for sMEs and/or startups that need to grow and quickly attract the largest number of clients.

What does this service provide to our customers? It provides the opportunity that small businesses need to enter their market segments  with their product of service. The reduce their investment to the maximum, which allows them to complete with companies that have high marketing budgets.

What are the characteristics of a Growth Hacker? He is characterized by having a series of knowledge that revolve around web analytics, marketing and programming. All this from a creative perspective that leads him to innovate in his strategies. By means of this knowledge, joint strategies can be established that must later be analyzed to be improved through the feedback that is provided by analysis.

How does Growth Hacking work? The starting point begins with the analysis of the product or service that is offered and mainly the target audience. This knowledge applies technologies, creative techniques, lateral thinking and based on neuromarketing that lead to identify and enhance the factors that motivate users to use the product/service. The next thing to do is to scale what has been achieved, since this will give traction to the process and generate exponential growth. Furthermore, it is necessary to optimize the usability of the site or app and to increase the added value that it brings with it.


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