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Our marketing department is specialized in Twitter.

  1. We can increase the visibility of your brand between 1.000 and 3.000 followers per month. For example, with Atrévete Solo we have been up to 100.000 followers.

  2. We generate a source of continuous traffic to your website. @hogarterapia (13.000+ followers) generates 1.050 visits monthly to their blog. Besides search engines, this is their first traffic source.

  3. Capitalized marketing campaigns. This keeps its followers when the campaign ends. In comparison to Google Adwords in which once you stop paying the traffic decrease to 0.

  4. Twitter continues to grow (total of 500 million users, of which 6 million in Spain). Many are potential customers, which we identify through segmentation for your brand.

  5. Low amount: €200 (+VAT) (it is what it costs to make some leaflets and distribute them and does not guarantee results)

  6. Return guarantee. If you don’t get a minimum of 300 followers

  7. No fixed term

  8. Advice included in your strategy with the most effective tools. We give you training and tools to quickly and efficiently manage all your social networks

  9. Measurable ROI. We send you a monthly report (increase followers, relevance, tweets market as favourites, etc)

  10. Opportunity to lead your sector on Twitter, gaining notoriety


Example of monthly report of engagement and relevance:


Example of Benchmarking (market study) of your sector that we send monthly:



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How do we segment your target audience?


Basically, we segment each target through accounts related to their sector, but also through keywords in the biography and user tweets.

For example, segmenting for a hotel in Malaga. If a user writes a tweet like “This weekend i’m going to Malaga” or “I’m looking for a hotel in Malaga” or “Vacations on the Costa del Sol”


If you sell furniture: a target can be the followers of your competition. They can also be users that tweet about their products or services, as well as keywords in their sector. A target would be those who tweet “I bought a house” or “I move floor” or “I’m redecorating the room”. They possibly need furniture.



In all cases we identify them as a target audience. In this case, we either follow them or if the tweet is interesting we mark it as favourite. Both options are notified by Twitter to the user, generating visibility on the brand. Users do often look at who interacts with them. The decision to follow them will be given by: the creativity of your twitter, your biography and your timeline. A percentage of these users will voluntarily decide to follow their timeline.



Our marketing department measures the conversation rate (users that follow your account) of each target., emphasizing the micro targets that generate high conversation rates. In this way, we monitor not only the number of new followers (between 1.000 and 3.000), but also the increase in engagement and relevance of the account.


This service is monthly, with a cost of €200 and has no commitment to stay. You can try for a month and contribute once you check the ROI (Return On Investment).


We also curated content on Twitter, sharing the most relevant news of its sector sot hat its community generates engagement resulting in an increase in influence measured with the Klout tool.


Some of our clients who lead their sector in Twitter in Spain, getting notoriety, traffic and customers:


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