Drupal Commerce

Design of online stores with Drupal Commerce

Design of online stores with Drupal Commerce

Since its beta version in 2010, we have carried out the development of virtual stores with this specialized framework. Designing custom themes according to the corporate image of the brand and its target, conducting a benchmarking of competitors and leading online stores in the sector.

For projects that require integration with other information systems, we create an import panel for suppliers, another one for updating products, incorporating products from the company’s own management software and loading in this way thousands of products with their photos. But also providing it with the stock and prices, saving months of work of introduction of content so that the ecommerce is autonomous managing tens of thousands of products under long tail strategies that generates thousands of visits to the site.

Some projects that we have developed incorporate Dropshipping, making them responsible for the stocking and shipping of the products.

For the design of the e-Commerce layout, an analysis of usability and user experience is carried out, which in the case of redesign of online stores is measured by Google Analytics. There we check the increase of time spent on the site, the number of pages viewed and rebound reduction (users who only see one page), as well as the achievement of objectives via KPIs and user leaks in the conversion funnels of each objectives.

You can see our projects developed in Drupal Commerce (description, objectives and results) at the bottom of the page.