CMS Magento

Design of online stores with Magento.

Magento is one of the most powerful and scalable CMS e-Commerce tools in the creation of virtual stores with advanced functionalities. It also allows a configuration that optimizes the positioning of the products in search engines (mainly Google).

Depending on the time of e-Commerce that needs to be developed, it is one of the tools used by our team to meet the needs of the projects we develop.

Drop shipping platforms can be designed with Magento, enabling the management and logistics of several distributors under the same e-Commerce.

Our focus on usability and user experience determines that our creative department designs the layout of the online store in a personalized manner. According to the image of the brand, optimizing the user’s time of permanence and maximizing the number of viewed pages. This way can increase the KPIs that measure the objectives of e-Commerce.

Under a marketing prism we focus on the ROI of e-Commerce, guiding design, programming and web analytics to the end of the efficiency and profitability of e-Commerce.

In the footnote below you can see some of our e-Commerce projects.