CMS Drupal

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Creation of websites with Drupal

Drupal is the largest and most powerful CMS with the highest market scalability. With an optimal learning curve for consultants of 4 years, once developed this know-how it allowed us to create complex projects and integrating all the necessary web services.

More than a CMS is it’s framework or technology that allows you to build from scratch through open source modules or developed to measure anu functionality. In this way, it is making scalability not feasible for other technologies such as Joomla or Wordpress that occupy a good market gap for projects of lesser entity.

Since 2008 we have at Prodigia carried out almost all of our projects in Drupal; from small to large developments. We have generated an optimization of processes and development capacity that constitutes an important differential value in online consultancies. We carry out a briefing of each project to gather your needs and propose a parameterized solution accordingly.