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Content management - CMS
(Content Management System)

Our projects include tools of Multilingual Content Management System, that allows to change the texts in every section of each language, as well as videos and  images. In order to avoid management costs, and optimizing management speed of the changes in the website. The content management system convers from corporate websites, big site management with multi level , menu manageable, users role management, ... etc.

For each project is parametrize the cms or content managers align with the requierements analyzed previously. The content manager are WYSIWUG (What You See Is What You Get)  means that we perceive the final result at the same time as the changes are done to texts, images, integrating content manager in the proper website and not in an external module.

We use both own solutions of CMS such as opensource (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress,...) parametrized in each project.

Our CMS are integrated with web analysis modules such as google analytics to measure and monetizing users experience, with a straight focus on profitability.