Prisma Idea - Corporate Identity

Identidad Corporativa Prisma Idea


Online Marketing Consultant, specialized in SEO (Positioning in Search Engines, SEM (Search Engine Marketing and Social Networks) and SMO (Social Media Plan - Optimization of Social Networks) Dynamic Web in Flash also designed by Prodigia (in 2008).



  1. Naming and corporate identity manual.



  1. Naming and Corporate Identity Manual.

  2. Logo: As the main feature, we must highlight the difficulty of having a brand name with a set of 3 words. Of those 3 words "Prism Idea" is the main element to be highlighted. The harmonic union of the 3 words is fundamental in this logo. Since the logo must have a corporate look, a navy blue color accompanied by a grayish tone has been chosen, so a straight typeface has been chosen except for "idea" where a calligraphic typeface highlights the "creative" part of the company. The creative concept is accentuated with an exclamation symbol that starts from the "i" of "Prism". The harmonic set and embedded in an imaginary square base reflects seriousness, a seriousness that transforms into creativity when looking up.

  3. Color psychology.

Blue: Color culturally associated with water, the sky, evokes tranquility, seriousness and intelligence.

Gray: Neutral color very used to combine with any other color.

Both colors do not have a strong contrast, but if they have it with the background

White leaving a clean composition.

  1. The typefaces chosen are straight and calligraphic typographies, designed independently to enhance various characteristics of the logo such as seriousness on the one hand and creativity on the other.

  2. Brand: The brand designed for the company "Prism Global Idea" symbolizes the main ideas that you want to express, such as seriousness, good treatment and trust.

Modifying the "idea" typography, brings creativity to the brand, as well as exclamation.

The colors used are blue and gray, highlighting as a combination that reflects exactly the personality of the company.

The whole of the brand is a reflection of the ideas that we wish to communicate, there being no clearer way to define them. Being the attributes of the brand, the qualifiers gathered in the briefing for that purpose