Nightclub Megatron - Corporate Identity

Captura Disco Megatron


Disco of 800 meters that uses a Megatron cannon (powerful wind cannon and smoke on the roof). Web also designed by Prodigia.



Have high visual impact image.

Highlight the Megatron Effect, the entity and size of the disco



Corporate identity manual:

  1. SYMBOL: The symbol consists of two circular shapes of different thicknesses. The interior sectioned in 8 equal parts and the exterior with an ornament on the top and another on the bottom. Its symbolism is, represented in a schematic way, the vision of a tube from below, as if we were looking up and saw the mouth of a tube. The tube represents the Megatron cannon.

  2. LOGO: The thick type font Trekker-3 has been used for the name of the disco, so it stands out and is easily readable. In addition, its solidity transmits a lot of strength and technology. For the word disc, a font that was the antithesis of the previous one has been used, so that the name of the club stands out above the rest of the brand.

  3. BRAND: The result we obtain is a very powerful, current and technological brand. The thick strokes of the fountain and the inner circle print a lot of energy and facilitate the legibility of the brand. The lack of color and the high contrastes give it elegance and coldness, obtaining a very technological and futuristic result.