Mixcem - Corporate Identity

Captura Mixcem


Distributor company of special products, novel for restoration, rehabilitation and new technologies. It does not manufacture, but it outsources production. It is a distributor mark, it packs the manufacturer with that brand.

Product mix:

  • Coating range.

  • Additives and primers.

  • Special mortars

  • Adhesives

  • Adhesives for insulation.

  • Products for joints.



  1. Corporate image.

  2. Create a brand with a series of products already existing in the market plus other innovative exclusively.

  3. Message to communicate: entity, wide range of products.

  4. On-site pallets are billboards, the legibility of the brand in bags and packaging is important. It must go to a single ink or in the identity manual to make 3 variants in blue, green and red for the packaging (it can be mixed with black), since the bags are in a single color + flammable red + black. The packaging of the bags goes in blue, green and red according to the type of product. Take into account the colors so that they match or make variants in the manual with these colors (they could be mixed with black). In typography we have freedom, because the manufacturer can change it in the packaging of the bags.



  1. Colorful corporate identity manual