Las Tortugas - Corporate Identity

Captura Las Tortugas


Brand oriented to motorhome tourism, organizing routes, events, congresses and services for the target.



  1. Naming

  2. Design of corporate identity, including signage, banners, fotocol, merchandising, signage ...



  1. Design of Briefing - MARKETING SENSORIAL - Personality of the brand:

    1. It should be sympathetic, that awakens empathy and with entity, that evokes freedom and enjoyment. Independence, autonomy.

    2. If it was a color? Green nature and earthy road.

    3. If it was an odor or perfume? Nature, field.

    4. If it was a song, melody or sound? Sound of birds and waking up in nature.

    5. If it was a flavor? Fresh water from a natural venero.

    6. If it was a texture or surface? Rugged, with body, earthy or natural wood with bark. The shell of the turtle.

    7. If it were a country? A free country where you can get lost in the countryside. Iceland.

    8. If it was a house? A magical wooden house, with wheels or with wings.

    9. If it was an animal? One that carries the house on its back, like the turtle, the conch shell or the snail

  2. Corporate Identity Manual according to the briefing.

  3. Animation of the mascot in different scenes to illustrate the life of the tortoises in the different scenarios in which the brand is shown.