Innocar - Responsive Web Design

web innocar taller automoción


Cordovan company of reference in the automotive sector, with large infrastructures and sales volume.



  1. Make a web adapted for mobile devices and tablets

  2. Transmit seriousness, confidence, entity and know-how in the automotive sector.

  3. Have a vehicle management section, intuitive and usable.



  • Benchmarking with the main websites of the vehicle sales sector in Spain, gathering the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Design of an operation of consultation of used vehicles with an optimal usability for the sector, greatly improving the rest of the players in the sector.

  • Creation of a blog with a high integrated visual impact, highlighting the last posts on the cover, thus contributing dynamism to home.

  • Development of a new removable menu that integrates a large volume of services, thus facilitating usability, since a user with a single click displays the mix of services of the company in a panoramic way.

  • Creation of user manual with captures of the web itself.

  • Responsive design adapted to mobile phones and tablets in all resolutions.