Sortealis - corporate identity

Sortealis logotipo positivo

Sortealis is a brand that offers the management and publication of sweepstakes for different sectors using social networks. An alternative as a solution to the new conditions imposed by the different existing platforms.


The naming comes from the concept sweepstakes and luck linked to the medium and speed at which prizes are obtained, flying. Luck + Draw + Wings, SORTEALIS is born. A descriptive name that encompasses all the concepts in a single word, with sonority and retentiveness.

The Sortealis logo is a gift box with wings that could easily do without the naming in the future.  


For the nanming, Montserrat Alternates has been used in capitals, a casual, urban typeface with a straight cut and notable weight. In the brand descriptor a standard, minimalist and light weight font has been used to contrast with the main name.


In addition to this, the psychological symbolism of green implies virtues such as novelty, social, confidence and success, all of which resonate with the brand identity.