Hotel Benalmádena Palace - Responsive Web Design

Web Benalmádena Palace


4 star hotel with 200 rooms, in Benalmádena.



  1. Improvement of the previous design with new web in Drupal 7.

  2. Responsive Design, adapted to mobile phones and tablets.

  3. Usability analysis and user experience.

  4. Content manager.

  5. Multiple languages ​​integrated in content management.

  6. SEO module for all languages.

  7. Redirection of the old urls from the previous site to the new ones so as not to lose the longtail traffic of the indexed urls.

  8. Brand redesign and logo.



  1. Attractive visual design combining usability criteria and user experience.

  2. Multilingual content manager

  3. Responsive Design of content and menus that are folded and converted into smaller resolutions.

  4. Multilingual and redirect SEO modules to optimize their indexing and not lose positioning.

  5. The brand and logo have been redesigned, making a corporate identity manual.