musikarte - e-commerce design


Company created by and for the Internet with an online shop selling musical instruments. Corporate identity also designed by Prodigia.


  1. Web design that transmits the quality of the products.

  2. Online shop with content management system and payment gateway via Visa and Paypal.

  3. Integration and automated migration of thousands of products (80,000) from different suppliers.

  4. Visual stock management.

  5. Corporate blog.


  1. Benchmarking of the main E-commerce (Ebay, Amazon, Pixmania...) and European competitors, resulting in an analysis of usability, content architecture and optimised design.

  2. E-commerce implemented in Drupal 7 and Ubercart 3, with layout design optimised for the musical instruments sector, highlighting the colour contrast between the products and the site design, optimised image size to show the detail of the images and usability in the purchasing process.

  3. Online shop integrated into the website, together with the corporate blog with customised programming to personalise customer management.

  4. Optimal visibility in search engines integrating Drupal SEO modules for the correct indexing of all the urls of the site (friendly).

  5. Automated integration with several suppliers of thousands of products (80,000) (categories, subcategories, images, description, price...) from excel, xml and url files, supplied by suppliers. The integration allows the thousands of products to be loaded with all their data and images, avoiding the cost of manual management, as well as the updating of products and prices, which would generate hundreds of hours of manual management.

  6. Visual stock management by means of colour coding: green (sufficient stock), orange (few units), red (no stock, pending production). This stock management is integrated with the supplier's stock information system, operating also for products in real stock that are not served by suppliers.