Webnovela - Web Multimedia

Webnovela Don Juan en la frontera del espíritu


Historical novel adapted to an original and new webnovela format.



  1. Make the first webnovela in the world. A multimedia system that allows to read in a format simulating a book a novel, allowing to see videos, listen to melodies and sounds, see photo galleries ...

  2. Format DVD-CD presentation.



  1. Identity design, logo, typography, color palette, styles ...

  2. Flash presentation that introduces us and motivates imbuing us in the time and history of the novel.

  3. Flash creation of the multimedia system and introduction of all content, delivering a turnkey project, completely finished.

  4. Export of the entire multimedia system to CD-DVD format for full screen presentation with autorranque menu.

  5. Flash design of a multimedia step format with integration of multimedia elements.