Trascendental - Web design


Virtual site for "Transcendental", a science fiction novel about nanotechnology and singularity.


  1. 360º strategy that includes presence in social networks, advertising campaigns, and web site design with high visual impact.

  2. Merchandising shop.

  3. Generate community in social networks.

  4. Development in CMS (content management system) Wordpress, integrated into the site.

  5. Corporate blog integrated into the site.

  6. SEO guidelines for the internationalisation of the site (Search Engine Optimisation), to give visibility to the web project.

  7. Adaptation of the site to the https protocol.


  1. Web with creative design. 

  2. Text and image content manager. Blog integrated in the content manager.

  3. Installation and configuration-programming of SEO modules. Web indexed correctly in Google, which gives it visibility in the search engine.

  4. Development of Social Media Plan: Definition of objectives, strategy and measurement parameters.

  5. Creative design for social networks.

  6. Management of Twitter account growth, achieving an increase in segmented followers of more than 500 per month.