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Grupo Prodigia's CrowdBuilding project, transmitting the company's 2.0 DNA, through the generation of a marketing plan that aims to collect through the collective intelligence of the global creative community, a building concept composed of the 25 best ideas ( most voted) of the community. Corporate Identity and Social Media Plan, also made by Prodigia.



  1. Given the complexity of the concept, design a presentation that in 3 small illustrations and with 3 texts of size no bigger than a tweet makes a dynamic and fresh presentation of the concept, by way of introduction.

  2. Design a Crowdsourcing site platform that allows creatives from all over the world to contribute ideas for the design of the building and vote for the ideas of other creatives. At the same time it also allows to suggest sponsoring brands and vote the proposals by other users.

  3. Blog.

  4. Internationalization in 10 languages.



  1. Presentation with surprising vertical navigation, in which animation is happening as scroll of the screen scrolls. Definition of texts to synthesize the presentation.

  2. Website design and usability analysis integrated in the layout of the crowdbuilding platform.

  3. Crowdsourcing platform programming in Drupal.

  4. Integrated corporate blog.

  5. Integration of 10 languages, resulting in a successful achievement of the crowdsourcing platform with 10 languages.