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Periódico online Sur de Córdoba


Online newspaper Sur de córdoba.



  1. Redesign of the online newspaper.

  2. Stability, since in the two previous systems (Joomla, and Wordpress) in which the project had been designed by another company, caused numerous falls of the portal and instability.

  3. Migration of all the information from the previous newspaper (18,000 articles) designed in WordPress, to the new system.

  4. Vertical design that incorporates 4 sub-newspapers in one, making it possible to locate the news in each of them, as well as updating the news.

  5. User roles and content manager (CMS).

  6. SEO architecture that facilitates search engine positioning.

  7. Database of opinions of the editors, with a system that allows to see the articles of each editor chronologically.

  8. Integration with social networks.



  1. Restyling of logo, stylized.

  2. Project made in Drupal 7 and OpenPublish, customized for the client, parameterizing modules and creating a personalized theme.

  3. Migration of 8,000 articles from the database in Wordpress, to the new system in Drupal 7.

  4. Programming of SEO module that makes an automatic redirection of the old 8,000 urls of the previous system, to the corresponding new optimized urls (urls friendly) in real time, without the need to create a .htaccess file with 8,000 redirection lines 301, which would slow down the load of pages.

  5. Installation of SEO modules and strategy design to facilitate their positioning. Each new article automatically performs a ping to Google for immediate indexing. Friendly URLs for search engines and personalization module for snippets. The snippets are generated automatically according to taxonomies and variables, allowing manual modification.

  6. Author management system of opinions, allowing to manage the current 80 editors and add futures, as well as assign each article of the story to an author, for its correct search and visualization.

  7. Integration modules with social networks to allow sharing the news with friends.

  8. Comments and spam management.