MonteNatura - Web design

diseño web montenatura responsive visual


Company of rural tourism routes, hunting, mycological and adventure in nature.



  1. Creation of a route and accommodation manager, in which there is a gallery of images, a form to reserve. All available routes should appear on the home page.

  2. Nature and love for this is the transversal message that has to be clear throughout the entire identity.

  3. The page must be prepared for the inclusion of multiple languages.



  1. Creation of a very photographic visual style that transports you to nature. The lateral navigation highlights this visual component even more.

  2. The design of the interior pages is novel, with a space reserved for images greater than the content, taking the user out of the monotonicity of the templates with which webs are usually made, this entails a greater at the time of visit.

  3. Management of routes and accommodations through a cms in Drupal 7 with the preparation of a user manual with screenshots explaining in the same web the management process.

  4. Development of indexed urls for a correct SEO positioning.

  5. Simplified language change by placing 4 flags above the main menu, increasing usability internationally.