Ilméx - Website


Leading company in Spain in the manufacture of Christmas and decorative lighting for fairs, parties, companies.



  1. Redesign web site of high visual impact, which transmits the entity and leadership of the company.

  2. Creation of CMS (content manager) in 4 languages, integrated in the site.

  3. Corporate blog integrated in the site.

  4. SEO guidelines for the internationalization of the site (Search Engine Positioning), to give visibility to the web project, in 4 languages. The previous website did not allow to geolocate each language, nor to generate url friendly.


  1. Web with creative corporate design according to the brand.

  2. Manager of text and image content in 4 languages. Blog integrated in the content manager.

  3. Installation and configuration-programming of multilingual SEO modules. Web indexed in Google correctly, geolocating each of the 4 languages, thus providing Google visibility in the 4 languages.