Hotel Las Pyramids - Web audit

Hotel Las Piramides - Fuenfirola


Hotel Las Pirámides 4 stars, in Fuengirola - Málaga. Web audit project of the client's current site, identifying problems and shortcomings, and providing solutions, as well as the sketch that resolves these deficiencies.



  1. Web audit


Results Web Audit:

  1. Viewing images from photo galleries.

The enlargement of each photograph is done through an annoying popup for the user.


Enlargement of images in the same window, to larger size taking advantage of the greater screens of the users. If a user uses a smaller screen, the photograph will adapt to that size.

Navigation within the photo galleries.

When a user clicks on a photograph in a photo gallery, it will not open in a popup, but within the same window, and two buttons will appear to see the next image and the previous one, without closing the window and clicking on the next one photo (usability improvement)

Each photograph may include a caption with the title or a brief description, which improves the information to the user and the search engine positioning.


  1. Internationalization:

Friendly URLs are not translated to each language. Example: current url:


This url should be translated into each language, remaining in English:

This measure increases the positioning in each language and the visibility for the user.


  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Urls not optimized.


Search engine positioning can be improved by defining the title, description and url of each page of the web, according to the market research of keywords or optimal keywords. This would increase the positioning by more number of keywords and with greater demand, increasing traffic to the site.


  1. Display problems on Iphone and Ipad.

The animation of the cover or home, and the animation of the contact map, are made in Flash technology, which is not visible from many smartphones and tablets, such as Iphone and Ipad.

The virtual visit in Flash is not visible in these terminals.


Modify the virtual tour, so that it is visualized through a viewer in html5. Redesign the home and contact using slides in CSS technology, visible from Ipad and Iphone.

As a design proposal, a first static sketch has been designed, which will include animation in the home through a slide that will show several panoramic photographs on the cover making a transition between them.

This sketch also increases the panoramic view of the photographs and the web, organizing the remarkable information in three blocks under these panoramic images in transition.


  1. Newsletter module.

Objective: to collect emails from clients and users of the web, to send them monthly information, offers, news, etc. This newsletter will be integrated with an online platform that sends emails, showing statistics of the emails that have arrived at the destination, the ones opened, and a map with the percentage of emails opened in each country. In this way, the effectiveness of direct marketing via email is measured.