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Sale of Online Lottery: Primitive Lottery, Bonoloto, National Lottery, El Gordo de la Primitiva, Quiniela, El Quinigol ...



  1. Website where customers and potential customers can buy the different lotteries that the company manages.

  2. Communicate trust, formality, seriousness.



  1. Restyling of logo and vectorized.

  2. Web of formal aspect, with colors that transmit seriousness mixed subtly with the orange that prints emotion. Upper strip with animation in which the balls are spinning and changing their numbers. A panel is displayed in which the different raffles and lotteries that can be purchased are circulated as a light. This dynamic header tries to transmit illusion by the draws and playful aspect.

  3. Purchase form

  4. Content manager so that the administrator can include the numbers of the raffles, prizes and news of each type of lottery.