Casa Duarte - Website

Captura Salón Casa Duarte

Casa Duarte - Website



Luxury manor house for sale, in Carcabuey, within the park of the Subbética Cordobesa. Logo also designed by Prodigia.



  1. Creation of logo for the house.

  2. Design a web site for the promotion of the sale of the property.

  3. Reflect the stately and luxurious design.

  4. Visualization of the instances of the house and its surroundings through 360º panoramic images.

  5. Include the entire project in an application on CD, with automatic flash playback when you insert it on a PC.



  1. Differentiated website in the sector with design inspired by the architecture of the building.

  2. Vectorization of the facade of the building, enabling navigation of the building by floors, by clicking on each of them.

  3. Visualization of the dependencies of the house and its surroundings through a 360º virtual visit visible on the web and on CD.

  4. Screen-printed CD to deliver real estate and potential clients with the virutal visualization of the house, image galleries, informative text ...