Animusic - Corporate Identity


Sociocultural animation company specialized in providing musical services to events, through its national team of DJ's. Animation of weddings, private parties and events in general.



  1. Corporate identity.

  2. Print movement, animation, quality, seriousness, perfectionism, company entity.

  3. Design of labeling of vans.



  1. Brand design composed of symbol and logo.

  2. Symbol: evokes movement, target between 27 and 45 years motivated by the style of the vectorized dancers.

  3. Logo: It uses a stylized font with a fine line, in capital letters, easy readability, increasing the spacing, combining the orange and gray colors to distinguish "ANI" AND "MUSIC". The naranje is energetic, joy, fun. Gray brings seriousness and elegance.

  4. Labeling of black vans, generating a strong contrast with the energetic orange, turning the vehicles of the company into striking billboards.