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Bajondillo Apartments; the largest aparthotel in Malaga with 600 apartments on foot from the Torremolinos beach. Outstanding SEO internationalization project in Flash. Restyling of corporate identity, Web in 17 languages ​​and Social Media Plan, also made by Prodigia



  1. SEO strategy (Search engine positioning) in Flash, to give visibility to the web project.

  2. Internationalization through multilingual SEO in Flash.



  1. Reprogramming of complete web in flash, allowing 2,200 firendly urls indexed in Google. Increase of 25% of the traffic to the site in Spanish. Generation of independent urls with personalized snippets for each section of the web in flash. Contrary to what happens in a web 100% in flash (the url is always the same when we navigate through the different sections, preventing adding a section to favorites or copying a link to an internal section) the url is changing as you navigate through each section. Flash programming to enable the following buttons and previous browser (without use in websites 100% flash).

  2. Keyword research to optimize the snippets of each section of the web.

  3. Geolocation of languages, creation of canonical url, robots file, sitemap. Generation of new traffic from the new languages ​​added to the SEO resulting from market research in each target country.