Do you know how to increase and monetize your followers on Twitter? If this doubt has assaulted you on more than one occasion, read on. We give you the keys to get active followers, in a segmented and effective way, as well as the method to monetize your community on Twitter.

If you have not yet heard, the process of monetization is to turn a community of followers of Twitter into something profitable, that is, income. On the Internet, a large majority of well-known sites monetize in different ways: either through advertising - broadcasting sponsored tweets - by giving users' information captured through the famous cookies or by each visit redirected to other websites. The options are multiple.

Currently there are many social marketing platforms such as Karmacrazy, Twync, Fluvip, Ranksider or Publisuites that connect advertisers with people or influencers. Karmacracy and Fluvip are the most paid for a campaign reaching up to € 0.5 / tweet in Karmacracy, and € 200 per campaign in Fluvip in communities of 100,000 followers. They must have a "sufficient" number of active followers and accept to monetize their accounts to get an extra return. Thus, while brands get an optimal channel to get their advertising messages to more Twitter users, the promoter, who publishes sponsored tweets, gets revenue generating opinions, recommendations and conversations about that particular brand or product.

From Iberdrola to Aceites La Española. Currently, this technique is used by prestigious brands and conventional products such as yogurt or soft drinks. In addition to followers, advertisers look for affiliates that have a connection with their brand, with their target audience and that offer quality content.

If you have never valued this option before, it is your moment. Search for Digital Marketing specialists. They will study your needs and characteristics to optimize your presence and visibility on Twitter. They will help you increase your followers in a segmented and real way through their departments. of Twitter Marketing. In this way, you will have a strong and active community ready to monetize. We speak?




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