Social Bro: A useful tool

Social Bro: A useful tool

Want to manage, explore and analyze your Twiiter community in the most complete?

With SocialBro you get a lot of data that will help you learn in depth to your community and your competition.

SocialBro unites functions of many applications that we use regularly, Spanish is a free app, currently has over 70,000 users in over 80 countries and 80% outside of Spain, is used by big brands and SMEs and their customer service is very Custom.

Any Twitter user can profit from Social Bro, as it is very intuitive and easy to use, and is found in 3 languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese).

SocialBro allows the typical actions of twitter more fully as:

  • Write tweet

  • Write DM

  • Following a user

  • Unfollow

Add label to the person

  • You can tell from when a user is on twitter

  • We know relevant information about the user profile as account age, his last tweet or retweet, date you began to follow him, when a user started to follow and when you synchronize for the first time.

To maintain our current data and absolute efficiency in the reports allows you Bro Social Synchronization (It's like taking a picture of your community at any given time) can access it offline so.

The synchronization frequency depends on your community, when there are few followers can be synchronized twice daily, in large communities, once a week. (When this cloud will change much)

SocialBro lets you add multiple twitter accounts, and even add competition accounts for comparison with yours.

Provides the ability to filter data, to make searches more precise and concrete, and tools we offer:

  • Real-time analysis

  • Synchronize data of incluence

  • Best time to tweet;you set up your account "buffer with SocialBro and sent tweets when you have more influence..

  • Very complete statistical reports

    Find twitter users.

  • Competition analysis

  • Monitoring hashtag

  • Import Users

  • Analysis of your lists, there is the possibility Management SocialBro Twitter lists, create lists, inside and outside your community, analyzing third-party lists, clone lists.

    In short, is a tool that allows comprehensive management, and is very useful, but not the only, there are many tools of social networking, some very specific and quite deep in some particular area, I will present another in subsequent weeks. :)



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