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Company that puts in contact the supply and demand of services related to leisure and musical events.



  1. Design and program a web application in the cloud, on which the strategy of the company is based, managing the business completely.

  2. Design of web creativity with high visual impact.

  3. Web usability optimization.

  4. Search engine positioning strategy.



  1. Complex project developed from scratch, which implements a business model based on payment for contact information of customers interested in professional services. The project classifies geographically, and by categories and subcategories the services, and the users only say what they want, so that the corresponding suppliers receive the budget request, facilitating the client's process.

  2. It incorporates a complete management back-end with payment gateway, credit top-up system, invoice issuance and management reports. It is a comprehensive management system for the business in the cloud.

  3. For the diffusion of the project, it has an advanced SEO technology, developed to measure, that generates thousands of urls friendly (117,000 urls friendly generated and indexed in Google), resulting in a long tail of keywords that drive traffic to the site. While all the content is stored in databases, the technology dynamically generates tens of thousands of urls, with original content, which they position in Google, providing excellent visibility to the project.